Pacific Pro Scrimmage Information

Pacific Pro SCRIMMAGE is the first on-field developmental product designed specifically to help propel street free agent professional football players toward their next professional football destination.


How? Our highly specialized, experienced coaches, many of them NFL veterans, are experts at further polishing much-needed professional football position techniques, as well as honing the mental preparation necessary for promising athletes. Mastering these intangibles will make prospects much more attractive to professional football teams.



SCRIMMAGE is a 2-day, 1-night strategically intensive developmental and teaching camp located in the Los Angeles area where street free agents receive advanced and position specific instruction on how to become a better professional football prospect.


SCRIMMAGE is staffed by a well-known roster of coaches and instructors, many of whom have NFL coaching and/or playing experience. Our coaches will teach in a supervised, football environment.


SCRIMMAGE will have a specialized curriculum for each position.  SCRIMMAGE is not a Combine and does not conduct Combine testing.


How will SCRIMMAGE help me find a job?


SCRIMMAGE maintains direct relationships with professional football league offices and teams and will share player data, video and whatever is necessary to enhance the exposure of SCRIMMAGE clients and provide an additional platform to secure their next professional football opportunity.


Most importantly, we intend SCRIMMAGE to be attended by scouting department personnel from professional football organization(s).


Our goal is to have every SCRIMMAGE player affirm that SCRIMMAGE helped them improve as a player, both in technique and in mental attitude and preparation.

Why Is SCRIMMAGE Necessary?


Every year, thousands of talented players who are physically capable of playing professional football are released from professional teams. In most cases, these athletes need a boost in three key areas:


·       Sharpen players’ mental approach to the game.

·       Provide the highest level of technique instruction critical to each player’s specific position.

·       Create a platform for wide player exposure to the NFL, XFL CFL, and AFL teams.


When a player is cut from a professional football team, he usually returns home and works out on his own, typically, to simply maintain conditioning. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t continue addressing technical skills necessary to his position, especially in an unsupervised environment.


Furthermore, SCRIMMAGE provides an instant, more detailed database for pro scouting departments to monitor and consult in their search for and evaluation of new talent.


SCRIMMAGE offers solutions that make sense for both players and personnel departments:


·        Provide unsigned players a supervised environment to improve their performance, mental approach and “signability” factor.


·        Provide pro scouting directors updated and more in-depth information on the free agent player pool in an organized, easily accessible and searchable location.


·        Provide scouting personnel to visit SCRIMMAGE in-person to view a larger group of players at one time, thereby reducing expense for organizations.